Culture, Vibe and Community- Lets Dance!

The quiet and peaceful Albert Davis Park is not the most ‘well-known’ of Seattle Parks. Located behind the Lake City Community Center, it has become a place to enjoy. A nice playground, a light-hearted mural and more recently, a place to dance.

In its second year, Seattle Parks and Lake City Future First are building on the diversity that is Lake City. Most recently (Mondays), the Panama Folklore Society came and shared their culture of color and dance. With skirts moving in unison and the colors waving through the air, the Seattle Parks/ Lake City  youth seemed to enjoy the participation.

Sponsors have a few more dates set so, when time and schedule permit, checking out this community support exercise is welcome and refreshing experience. July 30th is the next date up, which begins at 630p. The African group Gansango will be there to share the beat with the diverse Lake City community. Check it out and great effort by the Panama Folklore Society.

Seattle Parks Youth Coordinator at Lake City Community Center Mark Mendez
with Center Staff, who promotes youth engagement
The Teen Program at LCCC is in good hands with Mark Mendez, engaging and offering programming to youth that builds community and character
Local Seattle Parks youth participate in the colorful display and dance
Panama Folklore group shared their culture of engaging dance,
capturing the spirit of our neighbors from the Central American country.