Wedgwood hammer for homelessness

Many who live in Wedgwood (NE Seattle) enjoy the friendliness, easy commuting and close proximity to all the great offerings of the great Northwest.  The citizens taking a big brunt of the growth and density do not live here. That is not lost on a great deal of the many residents watching their communities blow up. Taking a hammer to the effort in Wedgwood is Greg. Residing in this somewhat bucolic neighborhood, he and his neighbors and church community are putting some sweat and muscle to the issue we all wish would go away. It is truly inspiring that this obvious solution and effort is happening in a residential area that is kind of quiet and unassuming.

As he tells it, that’s not slowing him, his friends and community down one bit. After this beautiful ‘green’ home gets shipped out, they are planning on duplicating the effort this August. They installed a sign above the tiny house. It says, ’84th street CARES’; we get it, Meadowbrook Community CARE does too! Many small gestures make for a healthy and caring community. Thanks Greg…

finished product soon to be donated
inside of tiny house built in Wedgwood
with construction trailer at his house, convenience and safety rule
Wedgwood resident Greg with his community’s commitment
the sign says it all