‘Build Urban’ built care, THANKS!

Sept 14 saw community gardens and orchards in Meadowbrook welcome the annual United Way Day of Caring service event for its 14th visit. Important because these large yearly group visits support the MCGO Steward Group at Meadowbrook. Growing, watering, planting, harvesting all happen weekly by MCGO and this was a most welcome visit to support the effort.

New path mulching, apple orchard, north trail work and east orchard weeding all got done and done well. Build Urban (www.buildurban.com ) came to serve and brought quality work to the day. Having such a productive organization pop in for a day really energizes the stewards. The orchards also tidy up for the long rainy winter.

Next up is the yearly CityQuest volunteer event. Sponsored by Seattle Pacific University, each year the freshman class is sent out to serve and create a stronger community. Meadowbrook is a stronger community when we all work together.

The Men in East Orchard
Mulch location emptied out by hardworking bunch
The new trail at the Edible Hedge gets mulched
Build Urban employees trek back uphill empty, thankfully
North Trail entrance gets ‘care’
After all the hard work, Build Urban celebrates
New trail off NE 105th sidewalk gets weeded