Rudy’s joins Holiday CARE campaign…

The local barbershop chain is jumping in to partner with Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) this holiday season.

Two of its seven Seattle stores will host a holiday tree this season. The newest location on Sand Point Way will also host a giving barrel. We are excited to be able to reach out to the Sand Point community and realize more opportunities to support, educate and engage.

Rudy’s University Avenue store also supporter of our holiday outreach, will join our effort in the District. We appreciate both shops willingness to engage in the goal of supporting those in our community. The chain has a solid 25 years of business to the Seattle-wide area.

With most holiday support realized in the Wedgwood-Lake City area, the effort to spread out and share the news will increase campaign success. Future efforts to support more families in need can happen as we strengthen the message to those able to support the engagement. We welcome those interested in the call to keep our neighborhood strong.

Thanks Rudy’s Barbershops!

Cozy U-District location
Newest Seattle location on Sand Point Way
For 25 yrs located throughout the Puget Sound