‘Fall’ into CARE for Olympic Hills…

Olympic Hills Elementary School in the Lake City District is blessed and challenged. ¬†With a new building and growing enrollment, resources still are difficult ‘ask’. MC2 is not hindered by a PTA budget. Our tutor language support now reaches its 6th year at the school.

Given the challenges this brings, with the need for volunteers and now, for the first time, a paid staff person which now resides in the program. Kaela Cunningham, a long time tutor has committed to the two day a week as a ELL Director. She brings a familiarity with day to day operations, as well as continuity.

Enrollment and Tutor assignments are set and the fun ‘seasonal’ piece of engagement is in full swing. (pictures here!) With holidays a piece of MC2 outreach at the school and in the community, we are committed to ask. CARE to help?

thumbs up for October celebration and Cafe Javasti/Wedgwood
new students to program play together
Kick ball fun
new kids on the block!
balls of fun
Soccer rules…