Meadowbrook ‘WILD’

Much of the Lake City District is famous for the big strip. Fast food, car sales, retail and small owner businesses. But woven through the 5 smaller communities of Lake City (Victory Heights, Cedar Park, Olympic Hills, Meadowbrook and Matthews Beach) is nature itself.

‘Mural Town’ welcomes the effort at Meadowbrook with a ‘shout out’ to the big show, Thornton Creek (shown at Nathan Hale HS). It passes through Meadowbrook on its way to Matthews Beach. Meadowbrook Pool is home to this display (shown), which, coming soon, will also display the hard work and talents of Lake City Youth on the east side of the building (front of pool entrance).

In the coming months, planning will continue on how to create a welcoming and pleasant space on the west side of the Meadowbrook Pool. From random fires at the Green Seattle Partnership (GSP) site, ugly graffiti and homeless camping, its a space screaming for some tender loving care. Thanks again to the artists and community welcoming the journey of Mural Town.