‘Urban’ Beavers (?)

Thornton Creek Alliance welcomes all to their January gathering in Meadowbrook. The creek itself runs along Nathan Hale HS in Meadowbrook and has dealt with the largest living rodents in the USA for some time. How do our governmental institutions deal with this wood-chomping rodent?

Whether its attaching cyclone fencing to trees along the the Thornton Creek or visiting beavers early in the morning at the Pond, dealing with these ‘neighbors’ is a challenge and delight to see. Maintaining rural aspects to an urban environment is a balancing act, so sharing important information is the goal of the all-volunteer group this month.

A panel discussion of Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Parks and Washington Dept/Fish and Wildlife representatives will be in attendance. The event starts with 630p social, with the general meeting beginning at 7p. The event will be held in the Community Hall at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church (in Meadowbrook), 10005 32nd Ave NE.

(www.thornton-creek-alliance.org – the goal is to benefit the watershed by encouraging individuals, groups, schools, businesses, and government to work together in addressing the environmental restoration of the creek system including:  water quality, stabilization of water flow, flood prevention, and habitat improvement through education, collaboration, and community involvement)