Meadowbrook Teen Center Art

The recently memorialized Meadowbrook Teen Center is now reflecting, through art, concepts like community connection and teamwork. Facilitated by artist Andrew Miller, the inspiring ‘colors’ embraced and put down by artist and youth captures the commitment by Teen Coordinator Ms. Sandino-Chang and the onsite memorial of SPR employee Glenn Hubbard (at the Teen Ctr). He would be proud of the good effort by the youth.

Having completed the south side of the mural exhibit at the Meadowbrook Pool, late 2018 (pictured), the most recently finished work now also adorns the east side (entry) of the Meadowbrook Pool. Connecting youth to mural art around ‘Mural Town’/Lake City District continues the aspirations of visioning by Parks employee Mark Mendez (MC2 Board member) and Tom Diamond (at NGCC). The themes presented at MBCC and Pool highlight the nearby Thornton Creek, Pond and Gardens and Orchards as a slice of Meadowbrook ‘WILD’.

A bigger challenge awaits, as the west side of Meadowbrook Parks campus, on the back side of the Pool, is heavily graffiti-ed, and needs a plan to fight the neglect the site has experienced over the years. Budget support for these upgrades come from the Meadowbrook Community Center Advisory Council. Check out this work and many others in the Lake City District. Thank you to the great artists at the Meadowbrook Teen Center!