Hub CARE in your neighborhood

Emergency Hub stations are located throughout the city of Seattle. Wedgwood has a dedicated hub next to the Post Office, on 35th NE. The Lake City site is north of the North Helpline/ Lake City Food Bank in the Fred Meyer parking lot.  Here in Meadowbrook, community organizers have set up a station at the Maple Leaf Lutheran Church Parking Plaza.

The Emergency Hubs are set up in the event of major weather or natural disaster.  One might think that these sites will be a place of material resources. The most noted resources in the setup is information itself.  A practice run at Meadowbrook in 2018 revealed a common theme.

With tented accommodations at the site, volunteers shared highlights that we all need to know.  Communication, Sanitation, Water, Food and Hazards are topics to share in the moment and now. In each of these important topics are the common sense approach but also the ‘know your neighbor’ concept, which draws on the different skills, resources and abilities of our neighbors needed during the inevitable ‘crunch’ time.

Some highlights HERE:

  • Communication- 911, fire station resource, best practices for cell phone use and contacting out of area
  • Sanitation – Where to store, how to store and what is needed to clean up
  • Water – Sources within your home, how to purify and know how much you need
  • Food – Strategize around resources, needs and priority within your home AND community
  • Hazards – Natural Gas supply, electrical hazards, hazardous material spill and home damage/danger