Support, engage…and CELEBRATE!

For five years MC2 has successfully engaged students after school at Olympic Hills Elementary in Lake City.  Working with students to improve their English Language skills, we seek out volunteers who then become mentors/tutors.

Each year, 10-12 students match up with adult volunteers from the community. The goal is to support these scholars to be the best they can be. Mentoring is a positive when engaging students in need.

Having a working school year relationship with students also helps with the continuity of learning. Re-enforcing teacher and aide daily efforts also is part of the learning process. With that in mind, celebrating the calendar year can be tough when it comes to birthdays. So….?

When on break from learning, recess is the place to engage the kids on a universal celebration. With diversity as a beautiful strength, everyone loves ice cream on a stick on a sunny day and all at once. Our future is bright!