Poetry Slam CARE

Rhyme or reason? The usage of the phrase captures the ‘lack of rationale or lack of pattern’ when used in conversation. Without a doubt, teaching and practicing to write or express a poem has never been more popular. With ‘hip-hop’ a popular art form, connecting youth to reading and writing is a fun and logical step in ELL after school planning. Enter the Lake City After School Program at Olympic Hills Elementary in Lake City. In past years, programming around the this particular piece of literary practice, has been a great break from one-on-one tutoring, laptops and ‘learning’ games. With experienced tutors, this creates a fun learning opportunity for all.

Ms. Kaela and tutors plan this part of the program to encourage creative thinking and introduce poetry as not only a literary exercise but also an enjoyable way to express oneself.  It also exposes students with different skill levels, the opportunity to learn in a different way. Having a well-built program with options, seasoned tutors and a commitment for CARE of local youth, MC2 gets confirmation each year, with successful students headed out to the next grade level and LIFE!