May 8 CARE for Community…

Inside the Lake City District resides the smaller community known as Meadowbrook. This NE Seattle community faces challenges just as any other part of Seattle experiences. It also is a place of learning and suppport for neighbors, as well. A pond, an urban creek, 4 schools, gardens, a farm, parks, an orchard and community engagement that keeps this diverse neighborhood and larger community robust and engaged.

May 8th is the Give BIG day that is dedicated to support the work of MC2 and many other worthwhile nonprofits in the Seattle area. Got time now? Early giving has begun.  Your offer of support goes a long way, especially with an organization with the size of MC2. But the return is a stronger neighborhood for all.

What is on the yearly MC2 calendar? Support for the local coed shelter at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, holiday family support for NE Seattle families (+600 children), supporting the local Gardens and Orchards with Seattle Parks and funding and operation of a local public After School ELL program at Olympic Hills Elementary.

With all this work, good to know that this is a lean machine with one year-round staff and one school-year program manager as the team that keeps Meadowbrook and the larger Lake City District resilient and strong. Your donation makes a difference in each of these programs; go to Give BIG 2019 and help build a stronger community today. Give a little, help A LOT!