Scholars and Tutors celebrate CARE…

This is the time of the school year we reminisce and attempt to capture the youthful memories we all have. Fifth graders move on and tutors take off for their summer ‘vacation’. Its a fun time, with nice weather and anxious excitement for the coming days of summer.  These group photos capture just that!

Most recently the students put the finishing touch on their poem submissions. With a newsletter planned, the creative work is then off to the proud parents.  Besides a newsletter, poems and extra-curricular activities each school year, our tutors document observations and history with the students which are sent off to share with teachers. Connecting ‘dots’, as it were.

Building good study habits and mentor care is a big part of the engagement too. Each day the Program Director offers up the word of the week (pictured), with examples and input shared before meeting with their designated tutors. Having such a dedicated school administration support MC2 makes it all a worthwhile ride! Tutors and teachers working together to support engaged scholars. We’re already planning for 2019-2020. Share the MC2 story; support, educate and engage your community.