May 30 TCA General Mtg

What’s in your neighborhood? Meadowbrook and the surrounding Lake City District has a multitude of urban challenges and sometimes they ‘merge’. Homeless encampments, as an example, may effect the creek system. Plant invasions and ‘corrupt’ residential sites may leech into our waterways, to the detriment of us all.

It’s that time of year to check in. Listen to information provided by City of Seattle reps and educate yourself. As advocates, there are strength in numbers. The TCA is a partner in that advocacy. It’s our neighborhood, we live in it and should be heard around such important issues.

Traditionally there is ‘social time’ prior to the work piece of the gathering. No better way to roll up your sleeves and put that ‘advocacy’ hat on. The General Mtg will highlight recent work in the District. A ‘look-back’ is also part of the discussion. A healthy creek system is good for our homes, community and environment. Advocate!