UP in the Air CARE!

With the close of 2018-2019 School Year at Olympic Hills Elementary we share with you the fun and scholastic year of supporting, educating and engaging our community of scholars. With one on one tutoring we send off two students to middle school. Engaging in exercise, learning and fun were the by-product of this last week after school engagement.

First, the game time of matching words with definitions in a competitive challenge. Reinforcing learning that happens throughout the season of engagement.  Tutors match up with their scholars and celebrate through fun and games.

Then comes the balloon volleyball game. Rules (double line for emphasis) are shared and ‘sweaty’ time rules the day. At the end of the fun, goodie bags get handed out and excitement is carried through, on to busses and homes.  The program coordinator gets ‘extra credit’ as its the first year with paid staff and high expectations. Good work to Ms Kaela and all the ‘sharing and caring’ tutors who give their time selflessly.