Waldorf @ MCGO

A welcoming Springtime visit by High School students of Waldorf to the Meadowbrook Orchard helped the local community orchard at the seven acre site on this early June day.  Sharing the site history with students and chaperones is  an interesting exercise which often connects the dots on learning, goals and process. They realize the parallel narrative happening at the learning institutions which connects the classroom learning with the ‘field’ work. 

Fighting hunger and creating an experience where a small effort of many goes a long way in the big picture, is a message that resonates with people of all ages. Hopefully a long term opportunity to ‘grow’ the partnership with Waldorf, which supports our neighbors in need, can be realized. The need for a strong and resilient community is a learning experience we can all get behind and it starts at a young age, to be successful.

On this particular day the effort was focused at the Edible Hedge, along NE 105th Street. With their sister school (K-8) just five blocks away, the ‘BIG’ Kids got to support their younger sisters and brothers, who visit MCGO all throughout the week. The EH site is made up of unusual fruit and nuts, helpful and informative to all, even to the benefit of the critters in the community. 

As the work party came to a close, students were able to step back and see the
effort and realize their success. Creating access to fruiting trees and giving them a healthy environment is something to take pride in. Thank you Waldorf H.S.!