Windermere/Greenwood @ MCGO…

Keeping a large multi-acre growing site filled with quince, fig, plum, apple trees and a multitude of other edible treasures healthy and accessible is a year round effort. A new partner showed up this June as part of the Windermere outreach; supporting the communities they serve. Enter the offices at Greenwood!

Not only did a good portion of the Orchard get prepped for the growing season but a contingent of volunteers also showed up in the Community Garden. Pest control and weeding were tackled, with Garden Steward, Sue, directing the helpers to the greatest need.

Many ‘thanks’ to Mary and Sharon and all the great workers at the Greenwood office. With both ‘green’ and ‘wood’ in the title, we should’ve known that great attention to detail and ‘CARE’ would be a focus and accomplishment to see and appreciate.

MCGO is always in a state of ‘work’. Mulching, pruning, weeding and harvesting happens for different trees at different times of the season, so, we’re ‘SOLD’ on the effort at Greenwood offices and appreciate it too!

Thanks Greenwood/Windermere.