MBCC Colors Continue….

In 2019 Meadowbrook Community Center embarked on an effort to bring color and ‘CARE’ to the Center, as well as their Teen Center at Nathan Hale High School. Artist Andrew Miller has had other art-student efforts pop up too (Lake City Way and NE 95th and NE 98th, as examples).

The effort in the Lake City District has ‘birthed’ other artists to share their work throughout the District. Many stakeholders in the LC District have encouraged this idea. Showing vibrant ‘color’ and expressing a ‘positive message’ are great ways to invite the community ‘in’ and to travelers, that this is one way to live and share the goal of community for all.

This specific project is tackling a less known and underserved portion of the MBCC Campus. With graffiti a constant challenge, the work here highlights, through art, good things happening in Meadowbrook (native plantings through Green Seattle Partnership and Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards/MCGO. Enjoy the art, add the Meadowbrook Community Center Campus to your urban hike. Thank you Artists at Hale!