Board, not bored…

MC2’s Board President Eli Patten spent a late June Sunday visit to MCGO’s garden party (work, that is) located next to Nathan Hale HS. Getting to visit all the great volunteers allowed for news to get back to the meetings and celebrate the work of a quite productive bunch. Since 2010 neighbors have created a little slice of  rural life and an important part of this group endeavor goes back to the food bank in Lake City.

Managing a big plum harvest from the East Orchard, sorting and harvesting other such delicious fruits as blueberries, raspberries and herbs and beans, all keep neighbors busy on their usual Sunday outing.  The usual weeding of garden beds also keeps future harvests on schedule. Years past, infestations and hot weather have challenged the effort but this year has been a good one.

Although the Sunday volunteers offer the most in time and effort, MCGO also relies on group work parties by civic, corporate and educational institutions.  Any interest in partnering at MCGO is much appreciated by community and Seattle Parks.  To share the harvest, knowledge and time creates a stronger and more resilient community. 

Year in and year out also creates a culture of care for our neighbors in need and opportunity to share knowledge out into the future. MC2 is excited to be a partner and appreciate MCGO!