Meadowbrook SPACE force…

Whether you’re cruising slowly (please) down Lake City or even in the Northgate area, you are likely to experience the effort of artist Andrew Miller and his cadre of youth from the City of Seattle programs. Many of the themes are a by-product of youth engagement.

As an artist, Mr. Miller began his journey at the Delridge Community Center, with an indoor mural project back in 2007. With many connections in the community, the opportunity to support, educate and engage (yea!) arose with the engagement of Elliot Bay Brewery in Lake City. Youth in the Seattle Parks Program and Mark Mendez, fellow Blanchet HS grad and Seattle Parks employee engaged the community and the Mural Program is now a history to be proud of.

With other artists on board, Lake City is now host to many murals throughout the District. In Meadowbrook, the MBCC Pool opens August 5. With its much awaited opening (its summer!) also comes the mural (SPACE) sited next to the entrance of the very popular pool.

Check it out; themes of water, nature and community CARE really do represent the effort by many in the Lake City District.

Thanks Andrew!