Final MCGO 2019 July Harvest

Pounds and pounds of goodness produced are delivered each Monday. With an abundance and variety, volunteers dig, pick, pull and box up each weeks sun-drenched local deliciousness. With the dog days of August ahead, leadership begins to plan Fall harvests, and prepping for the Winter nap.

This weeks delivery is highlighted by tender, ripe figs from the fig orchard at MCGO. This is a wonderful Northwest producer so, if you’d like to put a fruit tree in your yard, this fruit tree does produce. Not all variety of figs do as well here, so, do your homework.

So, the proof is in the pictures. Variety and scale of the effort is best appreciated in the wonderful array of colors and folks working together to share the harvest. In the coming Fall, we welcome young and old to help us button up the place and prepare the Orchard for another year of CARE.