Community and Art…

The last mural to grace the front of the popular Meadowbrook Community Center has now been revealed. As a welcoming gesture, colors and text ‘bring you in’. With water and nature all around, the murals share the goal of workers and community alike. Ponds, creeks, trails, orchards, community gardens, playfields all reside in this neck of the woods.

What started as a way to cover up unwanted graffiti, now reveal a celebration of life in Meadowbrook. The Big Hummingbird mural (shown) actually covers up some very difficult scrawl that made the big wall an eyesore. Future mural efforts will continue on the ‘sleepy’ west side of the Community Center.

The work of artist Andrew Miller here can be also be experienced throughout the Meadowbrook community and the Lake City District (two, 95th and 98th @ Lake City Way). It highlights the effort district-wide of the Lake City Mural Program. Approximately 12 different artists have produced murals throughout diverse district made up of the smaller communities (Cedar Park, Matthews Beach, Victory Heights, Olympic Hills and Meadowbrook).

Funding this color bonanza is happening at the Meadowbrook Community Center and many other varied sites; businesses along Lake City Way reveal other artists dedicated to creating a welcoming and diverse community. Alleys, food banks, parking lots, mailboxes, taverns, breweries, all show the creative side of the District.

So, when traveling around NE Seattle, enjoy the effort of young artists and engaged youth, eager to express themselves. The community of Lake City has many other projects on their plate; dedicated to engage and celebrate. Issues of hunger, inclusion and resources all get worked on by the citizens of the Lake City District.