CARE…for our neighborhood…

Every year, King County’s United Way offers a Day of Caring event to support nonprofits in need. Their website cues the need every year and community groups, corporations and civic groups come to the call. The seven acre site in Meadowbrook really benefits from this yearly offering, as winter approaches and we look forward to Spring 2020.

In 2015, United Way’s Day of Caring welcomed Microsoft employees to MCGO. Large volunteer groups allow for bigger results that benefit future orchard and garden health and production. Prior to 2010, zero CARE was happening at the orchard. With expanded plantings and weekly effort by the community, it is a healthy ongoing project.

This year, the faces were different but the effort by Microsoft employees was top-notch. The Edible Hedge (along the sidewalk of NE 105th) and its CARE, is ongoing in the fight for productive and accessible fruit trees. Take a look at the happy faces, eager to be a part of the success that is MCGO!