Cityquest CARE

Each Fall Seattle Pacific University connects with Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) on their freshman class orientation. The Cityquest 2019 volunteer effort here in Meadowbrook was fun and inspiring. Sharing the onsite history of the Muckleshoot Tribe trail history and the Homestead stories tied to the land, along with the kinda’ wacky ‘Time Oil Golf Course history that is also tied to MCGO, happens each visit.

SPU signs up freshman but also include one or two upperclassmen to mentor and share in the story that is Cityquest. Interestingly, on this day, all students ‘hailed’ from different parts of the state of Washington. Notable, in that, sharing the work, history and challenges of MC2 were relatable and applicable to their communities as well.

MC2’s guiding mission statement, ‘Supporting, Educating and Engaging’ the community happens at MCGO. It also happens at Olympic Hills Elementary School with ELL after school tutoring support and the Lake City Holiday Project that connects community of families most in need. We all work on CARE and appreciate Seattle Pacific University’s yearly gift of service. Thanks much, Falcons.