All In…with the Lake City After School Program

Back to school, back to nature and back to CARE. The After School support programming at Olympic Hills Elementary follows a busy season at the Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards (MCGO). The goal for MC2 is to ‘support, educate and engage’, which drives our CARE and support for the citizens of the Lake City District.

With Ms. Kaela back at the LCASP helm, tutors were recently debriefed on teaching strategies for the upcoming Lake City After School Program 2019-2020 school year. With enrollment set and ‘after school’ dates secured, the weekly, two day a week engagement has begun. With recent funding secured to pay the Program Coordinator, the ‘fee-free’ one on one tutoring for the 10 student enrollment is now in progress.

Not only are one-on-one tutors ready to go but MC2’s holiday effort (Lake City Holiday Project ) to support families in need is also ramping up. We support a nightly coed shelter, engage families in need and support a local food security campaign which also partners with other hardworking stakeholders in the Lake City District. Thanks to all in the effort to CARE for the community.