Paper and Plastic at MCGO

For the last 10 years, volunteers have pulled and cut back weeds that thrive at MCGO. Whether growing potatoes at the Community Garden or plums in the East Orchard, the battle against the happy growing weeds is an ongoing challenge. This year, the stewards chose plastic!

In the past, to improve the soil and help keep the nuisance at bay, cardboard sheeting from Bill Pierre Ford has been used. Thanks, Bill.  An additional benefit has been the year to year application, which actually also helps raise ground level, improve soil, drying out and removing swampy conditions at the different sites.

Besides eliminating moisture to the locations, the black plastic acts as a heat source, cooking weed roots below. With the garden locations access to direct sunlight, the soil then ‘cooks’ for hours in a day, day after day. This process can also be duplicated in your home gardens on a smaller scale. So, in the battle to maintain and keep healthy gardens, choosing and alternating between paper and plastic, will help keep your fruit trees and garden plots free of invasive weeds that hinder growth and draw resources away from your gardens and orchards. Happy gardening…