6th Graders at MCGO

MC2 recently hosted 20 sixth graders at MCGO on a very stormy October Friday. They visited to learn about the history of the site, the community commitment to supporting the food bank and also prepping for a return February 2020 visit.

The students attend the local Waldorf School. They arrived with a teacher and a horticultural advisor. Both helped spearhead a donation of 3 fruit trees to MCGO, with a future February planting date on the calendar.

The blustery day was spent prepping the three tree sites with compost and mulch. Students also spent time learning about pruning onsite apple trees. The hope is for a long term presence by the school at the site. The goal to prepare young people as future urban gardeners of our city can happen here. As the day turned clear and sunny, students posed for a picture to celebrate the day. Thanks Teachers and Kids!