Holiday 2019 Challenge for LCHP

Meadowbrook Community CARE has hosted or supported in some form, the Lake City Holiday Project (LCHP) since 1986. This gift support campaign faces a new challenge this holiday season. Can you help spread the word?

With an annual effort that supports 600+ children every year, MC2 has added 50 more children names that hail from the newly increased housing inventory at Magnuson Park. With new neighbors come new needs and we CARE for the families in their new homes. Can you advocate for the new need? Share the news with your friends and neighbors.

Whats it about and how can you help? The nonprofit Solid Ground operates housing at Magnuson Park and needs help for the new families added to the expanded housing. With news clients being added, MC2 took on the challenge to find those willing and able to help create a level playing field this holiday season. Send Chris an email and help get us the number down to ZERO. Her email is; check in and see how easy it can be. Thanks for the neighbor CARE,