All hands in for LCHP

Each holiday season our project relies on the caring hearts of many people and organizations. ASB’s teacher Mark Dougherty is one such partner (‘thanks’ to Ms Uhlman and Ms.Wegener too) The Lake City Holiday Project contact is one of three 5th grade teachers at the school. It’s a teachable moment in care for the other.

Assumption St. Bridget School (ASB) is located in the Bryant neighborhood of NE Seattle. Mr. Dougherty enrolls to match each of his students with a child in the Lake City Holiday Project. The cards handed out mimic their ‘hands in’ work to support their neighbors.

This season MC2 met with the two classes and shared the history and ‘workings’ of the ‘giving’ project. Holiday support also matches up with MC2’s other opportunities to serve. Supporting after school learning and engaging community to maintain and improve local gardens and orchards are other projects close to our heart. These are also major urban challenges that we all work on together. The awesome 5th graders were all hands in and we thank them,