February Free ‘Showers’

With all this January wet weather, you’d be thankful to be home warm and staying out of the ‘liquid’ sunshine. For some Seattlites having time, resources and space to take CARE of hygiene needs like bathing is not always an ‘everyday’ experience.

With Seattle’s ongoing campaign to help those dealing with homelessness ‘front and center’, Seattle Parks will be adding our Meadowbrook Community Center this February to list of City Community Centers offering free showers. Although the offer definitely serves a big need, the Meadowbrook Pool is not part of the program.

Adding our local Community Center to available list is a great opportunity to help those most in need. Look for more northend Community Centers in the future.  An interesting question got answered, ‘what about towels?’ The answer? Compostable towels! That’s a new one for me.