Cabinet WAS bare

MC2 worked with church members in 2019 to create a space next to Hygiene Center that helped Maple Leaf SHARE residents get ready for day. The room is designated for ironing clothes or as a quiet place in the evening to read.

Also staged was an empty cabinet left over from a World Vision after school program worked on in the 1990’s. With the successful effort at Blue Poppy Floral in Wedgwood, the once big barren receptacle now holds bath towels well in to the future.

Special thanks to Deb at Blue Poppy Floral in Wedgwood for the commitment and CARE to those caught up in this difficult environment. The response by so many citizens who CARE and dedicate time and resources to support the 24 year old Coed Nightly Shelter, speaks clearly to the basic support for helping those in need. We value and appreciate the kind gestures of support.