Announcement from Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook on hosting 24/7 SHARE Coed Shelter

With Washington state now sheltering in place, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook and our partner SHARE/WHEEL (since 1996) have expanded the hours of our nightly shelter to provide safe, 24-hour housing for 14 residents. These residents now have a comfortable, protected place to stay day and night until Seattle’s businesses and services reopen.

Our church congregation and leaders care deeply about ensuring a safe place for everyone during these uncertain times, and we are pleased that we can extend shelter services now for those most in need. Since Maple Leaf opened the shelter in 1996, we have provided beds and services for thousands of people navigating their way through hardship and transition. Up to 20 men and women stay in the shelter each night, where they have kitchen facilities, showers, TV, WiFi, and storage space for their belongings.

Many members of the Meadowbrook community have supported our shelter residents through the years, and there may be opportunities to continue that support in the coming weeks. We will post these needs on the Nextdoor Meadowbrook blog and Maple Leaf Lutheran Church’s Facebook page.