Out there CARE / Sign up today!

The SHARE shelter in Meadowbrook/Lake City is now full-time. Community has put together a link/schedule for volunteers to support residents in their effort to ‘shelter in place’. With nearby food bank in Lake City and four grocery stores in the vicinity, residents appreciate and benefit from any community support.

Take a look at the link and see if there is a date that you are able to help our neighbor. With laundry, heat, storage, showers, kitchen and adequate space to sleep and be safe, the less residents are exposed and ‘in-place’, the safer they will be. The requests balance between a meal (with directions) and fresh fruits and veggies.


Since 1996 this shelter has operated in Meadowbrook / Lake City to support those needing safe place to lay their head. Whether its someone waiting to get on a fishing vessel, working to get savings for their own place or waiting on a list for affordable housing, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church has committed to being a safe harbor during difficult times.Thanks to all who can and please pass along to others working to build a more resilient community for all.