Coffee CARE

This past Wednesday became Maple Leaf Lutheran Church’s first foray into 24/7 shelter for existing residents at the SHARE Shelter. Over the years, residents have been invited in to the church full time on holidays through out the calendar year. This is very different.

MC2 operates to serve the local community. With schools closed (after school programming) and shelter in place (MCGO), much of the community effort now presents itself in the form of a national CARE event. One of our partners in the community has answered the bell. Many ‘thanks’ to Cafe Javasti in the Wedgwood neighborhood.

Residents requested coffee and we knew where to go. Cafe Javasti is under reduced hours but not their CARE for the neighborhood. There will be other needs and other sources to help CARE for these folks with a place now to be safe. Could that be you? Full time water and electric bills will come due at the church; folks with limited income and resources will reach out to the Lake City Food Bank/North Helpline. If there is a way, the appreciation will be great.

If you’re able and desire a ‘take out’ treat, stop in and say ‘thanks’ to Scott, Lucy and the gang at Cafe Javasti.