Group dynamics and a strong community spirit have carried the MCGO project through many challenges over the years. Bureaucratic, logistic and weather, to name a few, have kept mostly ‘retired’ folk hoppin’ through the community garden seasons (yes, we have bunnies too!). Now, a new challenge.

With the local food bank in Lake City at the heart of their weekly effort, their CARE and attention to detail has been challenged greatly during this pandemic. Looking for alternatives and different ways to do the same important work, emails have been flying through their collective email boxes. Figuring how to get the work usually done by many at one time, is now happening in small, safe distance teams at staggered times.

Most Spring scheduled large volunteer events at MCGO have been canceled for the season (Fall 2020 unknown). The hope is to get back on track and work orchard sites as seasonally required. With the recent great weather offering beautiful and productive views of all the good work happening at MCGO, it’s a great time to give ‘thanks’ to the volunteers committed to a resilient community during a historically challenging time. MCGO, you are appreciated greatly!