Give BIG 2020, CARE to match?

NOW you can be a part of the yearly effort to strengthen the Seattle community. A donation to MC2 ensures continued programming for shelter support, building food security, holiday family support and after school language tutoring at local Lake City school (Olympic Hills Elementary).

This all happens with one full time staff and one part time staff at MC2. Driven by volunteers, regular seasonal fresh, local food donations to the Lake City Food Bank, new holiday gifts to children in need, free tutoring to low income families and a safe, top notch, year-round Coed Shelter, all keep Lake City strong. Can you help? Matching donations this year are a part of our Give BIG 2020 offering. Give any amount now and until May 6; we appreciate YOU, thanks. Here’s the challenge,

“Donate now to MC2 and help us reach our $7,000 goal, take full advantage of matching funds from our board members. We’ll get 2:1 matching funds on the first $3,000 we raise through Give BIG 2020, and 1:1 matching on the next $4,000! Let’s turn $7,000 into $17,000! Support, educate and engage our community,”

See it here! And, THANK YOU for your CARE for others,