Waldorf Wattle CARE

Summer camp is a great time to build memories. Recently, Waldorf Schools donated fruit trees and planting time to the MCGO program at Meadowbrook. A reoccurring challenge at the MCGO site has been the random destruction of fruit trees,either, by accident or intent. Waldorf is back and they’re committed to CARE of these donations to MCGO with their summer camp time.

Over the years wattle fencing (natural woven materials) has been applied at MCGO’s Fig Orchard and Camas patch. This keeps dogs and their humans at bay, allowing growing time and establishment of plantings.

After the most recent ‘gifted’ plantings were damaged, all ‘signed on’ to give these fruit trees a living chance. Wattle on. With masks on and willow branches staged for weaving a good time, campers learned about best practices, goals and food security at the site. Even during this epic event, MCGO and the community of CARE works for sustainability for all. Thanks, campers!