Kaleidoscope of CARE in Meadowbrook

Urban gardening and food security are important positive and promising trends here in Seattle and around the country. You can see it here with the MCGO project in Meadowbrook.  Begun in 2010, the MCGO concept is active and has actual citizen commitment behind them. FOR years!

With the March 2020 madness of Covid, MCGO figured out a difficult but promising way of keeping the food production going, The small groups connected, at a safe distance and with a long term email plan; the result is the good stuff gets off to the Lake City food bank. Many ‘victory’ type neighborhood gardeners add to the effort of support for those in need. What makes MCGO go?

P-patches, operating a little differently, are great opportunities for being engaged but still wanting your own ‘space’ or patch of ‘peas’. There is a component there that supports the goals of food security, too. What can be highlighted around MCGO’s community garden concept is the ‘group’ aspect, engagement and like-minded consensus, and effort. That’s how it works in Meadowbrook.

So, when you see the beautiful ‘rainbow’ of care at MCGO, know that a lot of good energy, sunshine and concern for our neighbor is packed in every weekly donation; from neighbors. Thanks, MCGO.