Making CARE happen…

MC2 has an ongoing working relationship with the Seattle Waldorf School. In the past, students and parents have donated and planted trees at  MCGO in Meadowbrook, which are located near the 32nd NE and 105th NE intersection. It’s convenient for teachers, as they walk the kids to the site. Having parents help with the ratio also gives everyone comfort as the volunteers go about their commitment to keep the Orchard viable.

On this cold early November day, wheelbarrows, tools and mulch were ready and available for the 3rd grade class, as weeds have inundated the Apple Orchard.  Most of the effort was pretty easy, as the wet soil allowed for easy pulling. Working in small groups and masked, a lot of work was completed on this day. School instructors have committed their commitment to MCGO as part of their ‘new’ curriculum for Fall 2020.

Breaking up the class with one small group in ‘play’ mode while the other  group is in ‘serve’ mode, helps to keep this neighborhood ‘jewel’ ready for the next group to serve. School instructors are serving at MCGO as part of their ‘new’ curriculum for Fall 2020.This allows for education and routine to continue; helpful in the hope for some return of ‘normal’.

With the usual civic volunteer model of service supporting MCGO over the last 10 years cancelled due to COVID 19, we are grateful for our neighbors, Seattle Waldorf School. Enlisting their study body for lessons in care for our environment and nearby neighbors, reinforces messaging on food security, sustainability and resilience in CARE. Fall 2020 will see the students visiting on a regular basis, helping to make CARE happen.