Stacks of gift cards

Holiday CARE: Thank You NE Seattle!

When we first started discussing the changes we needed to make for the 2020 Lake City Holiday Project (way back in June) we had high hopes that the outcome would be successful. This project has been running in NE Seattle for more than 30 years and we have gotten to know the character of our community. In the face of COVID-19, we knew our neighbors would respond. Boy did you! When we put out the official call for gift cards and donations, our email inbox filled with notifications of PayPal donations and sponsorship requests. We registered 574 children from 231 families and as a result of your enormous generosity, we gave away nearly $40,000 in gift cards. Every child received at least $50 in gift cards and each family received between $25 and $125 in grocery store gift cards.

Thank you to everyone in our community who donated, mobilized your friends and family, and spread the word in your own social media. As proactive as we tried to be with communicating the new process, we could not have done it without neighbors reaching out to neighbors. We are all honored to live among you! I want to offer a huge word of thanks to the Lake City Holiday Project Leadership Team: Lee, Dody, Randy, Marijayne, Nicki (& Cuong!), J’Anna, Dawn, and Terry. I couldn’t ask for a better “think tank.” -Chris 🙂

Thank you to all of our Donors!

Anonymous, J’Anna C., Evelyn C., Christine T., P&M Construction, Lisa T., Randy and Marijayne G., Don & Peggy C., Peter N., Bonnie T., Laura G., Noelle L., Lee and Dody F., Signe W., Stephen F., Kayla P., Christina and Brad T., Bruce R., Gloria M., Dawn and Len D., Stephanie O., Tiffany E., McKenna K., Kelly O., Matt J., Mary Lee B., Lauren P., Virginia F., Bill W., Wedgwood Hair Studio, Organized By Heart, Ryan S., Billy W., Nathan J., Meagan Y., Shannon A., Michael G., Chris J., Jeremy R., Jamie C., Daniel D., Stephen F., Lesley P., Emily P., Janine B., Michael O., Cheryl N., Karen H., Arthur D., Lisa S., Daniel A., Ryan A., Anna F., Brittney D., Del C., JoAnne P., Lauren W., Devlin T., Bennett R., Venkatram P., Penny B., Kristine K., Nina M., Elizabeth B., Janice W., Laura W., Amy Z., Evelyn C-H., Andrea M., Gabrielle G., Whitney L., Mary F., Ava V., Smita S., Judith R., Coleen C., Robert T., Pavel B., Melissa S., Laurie K., Terrie M., Matthew E., Bradley G., Ashley M., Taylor T., Michele L., Leann J., Craig S.

Thank you to all of our Sponsors!

University Christian United Church of Christ, The Hammond Family, Assumption-St. Bridget School, Christian S., Wedgwood Community Church, Ashley K., Sandy G., Margaret H.-T., Margaret M., Ashley Y., Jennifer Y.,Suzanne G., Sharon S., Danae M., Maria O., Sue L., Mandy S. H., Diana K., Gerry R., Kim P., Kimberly D., Amanda O., Caileigh and Kyle H., Carrie L., Justin C., Polly H., Kris H., Susan T., Kathy C., Amanda P., Amy B., Laura C., Liz D., Stevi C., Karin vG., Karl F., Ellen S., Lauren W., Meaghan W., Brittany P.