Thanks Stryder, for CARE

It’s a difficult task, to age and have friends, family, young and old, come and go, passing on, way too young or living a life with too much pain. Experiencing loved ones passing anytime but especially in a season of love and care, not only highlights the season itself but embraces many, like my friend Stryder Wegener, who ‘lived’ the message of care and the embracing love of family and friends. He passes in this especially intimate time of smaller groups and distant communication, as a person of strong character and quality relationships.

MC2 was a fortunate beneficiary of Stryders passion for life and strong, healthy communities. Our ELL After School Program at Olympic Hills Elementary received a ‘hand-up’ in our early formation (2010) from Mr Wegener and his fellow community partners. To be a part of ‘the beginning’ makes commitments like his, special and life changing. To Stryders family and friends, we thank you for being in an expanding circle of CARE.

The other large and structural impact Stryders energy, investment and community passion built, came with his yearly holiday gift program support to the Lake City community. He and his cadre of friends and supporters always made MC2’s Lake City Holiday Project a rousing success. Meeting yearly at Hellbent Brewery and scheduled around his favorite NFL teams closest away game, made for a fun and successful gift drive.

So, we embrace this most memorable holiday season of a lifetime as it ascends. We at MC2, Lake City Legends and an expanding circle of community will work for continuing the CARE Stryder Wegener invested in, lived and celebrated. Thanks Stryder, your friends will remember your kind heart, engaging smile and ‘can-do’ energy.