Business of caring and CARE

The Lake City community is as challenged as any during these difficult times. With a large population of people living outside in the business district, local business owners are challenged with the difficult conditions on the ground.What to do? With a strong ‘center of the community’ location, Kaffeeklatsch Bakery in Lake City is reaching out and giving locals another way to remind patrons of the value in community engagement. Celebrating their 10 year birthday this year, Owner Annette and son are building on an online connection that will help strengthen viability and future community outreach.

Enter New Day Cooperative ( As a way to get you the German inspired baked goods and other delicious Kaffeeklatsch menu items to your door, here is the description of their work,”New Day is a grocery home delivery service owned and operated by your favorite local and mission-driven producers. Like a farmers market at your doorstep, New Day brings you the freshest food around while keeping your buying power in the community. By focusing on local businesses and communities, New Day adds much needed resilience into the local food supply.”

So, order one of Annette’s new meal menu items, the hearty and delicious pot pies. A great lunch or dinner addition to your weekly menu. Achtung! She is also wrapped up in producing their famous yummy pretzels. Check New Day Cooperative for shipping details.