School Neighbors CARE

Raging blackberry vines, out of control plants ‘left by’ birds, apple trees needing pruning and mulch spread to contain the coming Spring weeds all handled by Dr Charlottes 6th grade class this past week. The desire and ability of a dedicated school is making a big difference, when other traditional seasonal opportunities dropped off the yearly volunteer programming schedule, due to Covid guidelines.

Whether it’s the early grades or older grade ‘scholars’, Waldorf School has been a great addition to the CARE of this neighborhood ‘jewel’ in Meadowbrook. On the same day, MCGO also got some planting completed in the Willow-Camas zone. Camas are coming up and more ‘wet zone’ planting will allow for structural and second use harvesting of willow and like-minded plants.  This will enable a different harvest for crafting and onsite fencing needs.

The days wet weather held until all volunteers had gone home. Students finished the day playing a version of, ‘Capture the Flag’. Park Steward John replanted willow and continues  to develop Fig Orchards border boundary. The shape and future of MCGO is bright and bountiful.
Thank you, gardeners of tomorrow.