CARE at end of 32nd Avenue Greenway

MCGO and MC2 work together to maintain, improve and plant fruiting trees at the Orchards and Community Gardens. This food security effort ends at the north end of the 32nd Avenue Greenway in NE Seattle. The NE 105 cross street borders Meadowbrook’s SPR campus, which is home to Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards.

At the expansive sight, Waldorf School has continued their recent commitment to partner in the care and maintenance. Their impact over the past 12+ months has been inspiring and fun. The usual corporate or civic events have gone away and the kids are in charge! What a change.

The 32nd Avenue Greenway winds through Meadowbrook and into Wedgwood. The  much traveled route, which ends at most southern part at NE 85th, was adopted by MC2 in 2016. We look to promote and advocate for safe streets and ‘take back’ community events that give neighbors the opportunity to get out, meet those around them. We’re stronger when we are together and advocating for safe streets.

Stayed tuned for more on this community effort. Healthy streets promote healthy communities. On this day Waldorf kids spruced up the Orchard and traffic circle with much needed mulch. Weed control, moisture retention and soil improvement are the benefits of this important work (did I mention it’s the kids doing this important work?)

Take care and LOOK for opportunities to support, educate and engage the community.