A little GiveBIG and more, MAY 4-5

The dates for GiveBIG 2021 are May 4 and May 5 but early donations are being accepted now! The needs in our community are great and we need your help to meet them!

This yearly, dedicated, regional fundraising focus in the month of May has a huge positive impact for small nonprofits like MC2. We shined this last year during a most difficult time for all of us. WHAT did we do?

  • Transformed our ‘night time only’ coed shelter to 24 hours a day for 16 residents
  • Successfully solicited 100’s of healthy meal and grocery deliveries to on-site shelter for residents
  • Maintained online ELL tutoring for eight elementary school students with support from Seattle Public Schools
  • Supported and continued food production and care at MCGO (Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards) during time of critical food insecurity 
  • Provided family support during the holiday season, serving 574 children in 231 families, by shifting to a gift card/online program, changing years of standard practice and delivering on the goal of timely holiday care.

Now, as our city faces more and continuing challenges, the MC2 Board is offering a MATCH ON DONATIONS UP TO $7000! The GiveBIG 2021 event will help support the work of one full time staff, and one part time program coordinator. This will help continue to support a full community of volunteers who tutor, grow/harvest food, coordinate holiday giving, provide shelter and heat and water. You know, the stuff of life.

We love what we do and we delivered. We CARE. Your CARE will help keep the effort moving forward. Thanks!