Kids and CARE

As MC2 looks to help Seattle Parks fill an organizational void with ongoing support at MCGO, the Seattle Waldorf School has committed to being in the process of ‘people hours’ at MCGO too. With corporate and civic groups temporarily out of action, our neighbor in Meadowbrook, sees an opportunity. MC2 is about ‘support, educate and engage’ and Seattle Waldorf’s commitment is where we like to be. In the early Spring of 2021, sixth graders met at MCGO for a quick lunch and then off to mulching.

The pandemic reality has impacted everyone in some way; starting at a young age and sharing the journey of learning to grow food that is a basic need, can spark a ‘educating’ moment. In a school environment, learning to understand the long process of care for food production and now, in these times, seeing the recent reality of ‘what does food security actually mean’? During this exercise in the East Orchard, students weeded and mulched under the plum trees.  Not only does this keep weeds at bay, it also acts as a ‘cooler’, holding moisture and helping keep temperatures moderated.
The staff, teachers and students all gather in a circle after lunch, and organize in small groups. With masks on, their regular visits reinforce the ideas of growing food, sharing food and working to keep trees healthy and happy. At the end of each session and before ‘recess’ to the playfield, students and teachers explore the work completed, offering thanks to  chaperones and hosts. Children learn from their ‘guides’ in life; it’s a hopeful sign to see kids engaged and what care can mean for all our futures.

There are many in government and community who’ve worked to plan for an emergency (earthquake, or weather related challenges). This year-long journey has added another piece to a plan that works for urban communities, preparing for a pandemic. The work to strengthen an urban food system is critical to any emergency plan. Having the many volunteers of a community garden add to the food system supply is an ongoing necessity and benefit. We are a community. Thanks MCGO supporters,