‘Rain Shine’ Day at Meadowbrook Orchards

As the school year winds down, Waldorf 6th graders visited MCGO this late date in May to take a wack at the weeds. With weeds overrunning the Edible Hedge along NE 105th, the leaders of tomorrow dug in and made a difference. Their service in 2021 is commendable and a big part of this year’s campaign at the Seattle Parks site.

Working apart and masked, was the teachers plan for the day. The buttercups and other invasive weeds were identified, worked on and piled into wheelbarrows. Who knew so much could be ‘harvested’ by a group of well intentioned students at Waldorf School! It was a day that provided off and on precipitation too.

‘Flying’ layers of coats and jackets, along with screams of joy and thrills, also followed the work party. Early light rain and later, thunder from afar, accompanied the somewhat sunny end of project chores for the students. We appreciate Waldorf Schools commitment to MCGO. Rain and Shine.