‘Little’ CARE, Litter CARE

Summer camp at the local Waldorf School is in full swing and Ms Charlotte brought the young ones for a welcome visit just down the street to MCGO. A healthy exercise promoting clean water and reducing plastic in our local environment. The route was set. Discovery awaits.

Meeting at the MCGO Orchard kiosk, the class accessed the North Orchard trail. A rejuvenated grape trellis was the highlight down to the Meadowbrook Creek-let. Crossing the creek bridge gave the young ones time to practice using the litter grabber tools provided. This, they liked! Westward ho, to the Community Garden.

Being a lot closer to the ground, the youth did harvest some interesting smaller litter. Besides the usual and mundane litter, the obvious highlight was, to those who know this quiet little spot is, tennis balls, plural. It is actually affectionately referred to as tennis ball creek. Note: not to be thrown back to the court, very yucky.

Returning via the community garden, a moment was taken to share the importance of growing food locally, eating healthy and supporting our local food bank in Lake City. Thanks Kids!