Back to MCGO with Waldorf School

Back to school is in swing and our local Waldorf School system has answered the call to help their community. With Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards in their sites, regular scheduling has created a very timely opportunity to be a good neighbor.  High School, Middle School and Elementary Grades are scheduling time to help get the Orchard back in good shape for future harvests.

Approximately 3 times a week, the students have committed to helping MCGO get back into ‘GARDEN’ mode. Weeds have started their own ‘gardens’ with the Covid time.  With the regular source of large seasonal civic efforts that have helped MCGO through the seasons being suspended, we’re so thankful for the commitment that this provides to the project.

Besides addressing the issue of hunger and harvest, this is also a good opportunity for schools to get outside, safe distancing, teamwork and connecting on an issue that may be undervalued. We now know that the need for community collaboration around food security can be a consistent and timely resource in the best of times and in times of great need. We value this commitment and appreciate the help in growing food and creating a culture of CARE.