City Shelters get new mats

Early October saw the delivery of new mats to Meadowbrook’s SHARE shelter. Other church hosts swung by and picked up theirs, as well. The organization usually lives on second-hand mat donations to keep their operations running comfortably. This is a much needed upgrade.

Meadowbrook had the room to disperse without traffic issues or congestion access, and ‘yikes’, the delivery and operations had a good size to it, too. Other church hosts picked up their allotment here and dealt with the mass cardboard at their sites. What did we do with our cardboard in Meadowbrook?

Well, the Bob Barker cardboard is off to MCGO, fighting weeds and improving soil for the Orchard plantings. Now, this is not the game-show host but a US supplier of public and private incarceration products. Irony, it seems.

Prisons, shelters and public gardens. We appreciate the opportunity to make a positive use out of the need and important support in our community.